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Raul Ibanez – Blogger Feud

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Blogger Jerod Morris posted a blog less than a week ago, suggesting that Philadelphia Phillies’ outfielder Raul Ibanez is using performance enhancing drugs. This speculation comes because Ibanez is having a great start, and most likely a career year. Ibanez responded to said allegations by saying, “You can test my urine, my blood, my hair, my stool – anything you can test. I’ll give back every dime I’ve ever made if the test is positive. I’ll put that up against the jobs of anyone who writes this stuff. Make them accountable. There should be more credibility than some 42-year old blogger typing in his mother’s basement. It demeans everything you’ve done with one stroke of the pen. That should be the message: desire, character, work ethic. But some guy who doesn’t know me – one idiot – says something like this. They should be held accountable. It’s cowardly.”


Those were strong words by Raul Ibanez, but even stronger were said on ESPN’s Outside The Lines. Senior baseball writer, Ken Rosenthal, verbally criticized Morris for his blog saying, “When you get specific, when you start naming names, that’s where I have a problem. What Jerod said is ‘Hey, listen, these players are all in this together.’ Well he fails to understand the power of the written word.” Rosenthal continued to say “You have to be careful, you have to be clear, you have to be responsible. I’m sorry, but he didn’t meet those standards. It’s ridiculous.”

The fact of the matter is, Ibanez and Rosenthal are absolutely right. I aspire to be a sports journalist one day, and even I can see how unprofessional and how improper Morris’s actions were. It’s fine if he thought it to himself, or talked about it with friends. Once you put something on paper, type something, whatever way of spreading an idea, it becomes not only your idea, but the idea of anyone who can access it. In today’s day and age, ideas can spread like wildfire, and a perfect example was this incident. Morris was totally in the wrong, and should have apologized to Ibanez by now.

Whether or not you believe that Ibanez could be using performance enhancing drugs, and I vehemently believe that he has never and never will, his reputation has become a little tainted. There was a report today on phillies.com that Ibanez could be persuing legal action against Morris. My advice to Ibanez is, go for it, and go for it hard.


Written by Cale

June 11, 2009 at 10:19 PM

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