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NFL Season Preview: # 28 Cleveland Browns

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Overview: It was a big Brown mess last year in Cleveland. The Browns started 4 different quarterbacks because of injury, and Braylon Edwards suddenly forgot how to catch a football. Add an injured Kellen Winslow and you have the Browns’ 4-12 season last year.

Offseason Moves: Cleveland finally got tired of coach Romeo Crennel, and brought in Eric “Mangenius” Mangini. In his first moves as new coach, Mangini drafted Cal C Alex Mack in the first round, and Ohio State WR Brian Robiskie in the second round. After those two moves on the offensive side of the ball, Mangini added CBs Roderick Hood and Corey Ivy, and LBs Eric Barton and David Bowens to the defensive side of the ball. The Browns also traded away often injured TE Kellen Winslow to Tampa Bay.

Upcoming Season: The Browns still have the unsettled QB competition between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Once that situation plays itself out, the receivers will be able to gain a rhythm, and the offense could click a bit better than it did last year. The defense appears pretty solid, but you never know with the Browns.

Player to watch: If any QB on this roster has any success, it will be muchBraylon Edwardsin part of WR Braylon Edwards. The receiver was coming off a season where he caught 16 TD passes, and expectations were high. Edwards disappointed by catching only 3 TDs, and dropping nearly twenty balls. Sometimes players just have bad years, and you have to believe that in Edwards case. Look for him to bounce back, and at least catch ten TDs.

Prediction: 4-12, 3rd in AFC North

The Browns just aren’t showing many signs of taking a big step forward, if any steps forward at all. Give it a year or two for anyone to be able to think about mentioning the Browns in the same sentence with the Steelers or Ravens.


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