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NFL Season Preview: #21 Buffalo Bills

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Overview: The Bills started off hot in ’08, rattling off four straight wins in their first four games. After splitting their next two games, Buffalo went on a four game losing streak. After a blowout win against the Chiefs, the Bills again faltered and went on a three game losing streak. Ultimately, the passing game  and defense were very inconsistent and led to the Bills 7-9 record last season.

Offseason Moves: Via the draft, Buffalo acquired Penn State DE Aaron Maybin and Louisville C Eric Wood in the first round. The Bills also added backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and RB Dominic Rhodes to the equation. Of course, Buffalo’s big off season signing was WR Terrell Owens. The Bills believe said move will give the team much more stability and consistency in the passing game. Buffalo also tried the addition by subtraction route, trading T Jason Peters to the Eagles, and letting LB Angelo Crowell leave in free agency.

Upcoming Season: The Bills offensive line took a big hit losing Peters, but otherwise got just a tad better with the signing of Owens. Although, the offense will be without the suspended RB Marshawn Lynch for the beginning of the season. The defense lost Crowell, but stayed primarily the same. So you would think that changing nothing would give you the same results right? Look for much of the same as last year for this Bills team.

Trent EdwardsPlayer to watch: WR Terrell Owens has a reputation for crumbling quarterbacks down. Examples being Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo. Now it’s QB Trent Edwards turn, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with Owens. He has already started out by saying the right things, and claims that he will call T.O.’s former QBs for help if needed.

Prediction: 6-10, 4th in AFC East

The Bills really didn’t do too much to get better, and have gotten worse. Their offensive line will struggle, which will not help RB Marshawn Lynch or QB Trent Edwards.

Special Prediciton: First time T.O. complains about not getting ball =APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football Week 4

First time T.O. claims there are secret meetings between Edwards and WR Lee Evans = Week 10

First and last time T.O. wears a Buffalo uniform and cries over his QB getting criticized = Week 16


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