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My AFC Regular Season Standings Prediction & First Round of Playoffs

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Now that I have previewed every team’s season, and the keys to their success or failures, it is now time to recap and look forward. Let’s begin with the AFC.

AFC EAST                                  AFC NORTH                                      AFC SOUTH

1. Patriots 10-6                          1. Steelers 13-3                                     1. Colts 11-5

2. Dolphins 9-7                          2. Ravens 11-5                                      2. Titans 10-6

3. Jets 8-8                                    3. Browns 4-12                                      3. Texans 9-7

4. Bills 6-10                                 4. Bengals 3-13                                      4. Jaguars 5-11

AFC WEST                                                                          FINAL AFC STANDINGS

1. Chargers 10-6                        *=first round bye                1. Steelers 13-3*

2. Chiefs 9-7                                                                                    2. Colts 11-5*

3. Raiders 6-10                                                                              3. Chargers 10-6

4. Broncos 4-12                                                                             4. Patriots 10-6

                                                                                                             5. Ravens 11-5

                                                                                                             6. Titans 10-6


#3 San Diego Chargers vs. #6 Tennessee Titans

Chargers Vs. TitansThis is a rematch of a playoff game a couple of years ago. San Diego is the clear favorite here, with a great balance on offense between the passing and running game. While Tennessee has an outstanding defense, an offense as explosive as San Diego’s can’t be stopped. The Chargers should win this matchup without too much trouble, as the Titans will just not be able to keep up.

Prediction: 24-13, Chargers

#4 New England Patriots vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens

This should be a great first round match up. New England has lost a lot onRavens Vs. Patriots defense this year, and that will surely be the weakness of their team. However, the Patriots should have an explosive passing game, led by QB Tom Brady. On the other hand, the Ravens are the total opposite. The defense is the strength of this Baltimore team, while the offense can be suspect at times. Although, QB Joe Flacco, combined with his running game, should be able to pick apart the weak New England defense.

Prediction: 28-17, Ravens



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  1. For some reason, I can’t get the columns to stay straight.


    September 8, 2009 at 7:42 PM

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