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My NFC Final Regular Season Standings & First Round of Playoffs

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    NFC EAST                                 NFC NORTH                       NFC SOUTH               

1. Eagles 12-4                               1. Vikings 11-5                        1. Falcons 10-6

2. Giants 10-6                              2. Packers 9-7                         2. Panthers 8-8

3. Cowboys 8-8                           3. Bears 8-8                              3. Saints 7-9

4. Redskins 7-9                           4. Lions 5-12                            4. Buccaneers 5-11

     NFC WEST                                                                     FINAL NFC STANDINGS

1. Cardinals 10-6                  *=first round bye                         1. Eagles 12-4*        

2. Seahawks 8-8                                                                                 2. Vikings 11-5*

3. 49ers 6-10                                                                                      3. Falcons 10-6

4. Rams 3-13                                                                                      4. Cardinals 10-6

                                                                                                                 5. Giants 10-6

                                                                                                                 6. Packers 9-7


#3 Atlanta Falcons vs. #6 Green Bay Packers

Atlanta vs. Green BayThis should be another great game in the first round of the playoffs. Atlanta, relying on one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL, will play Green Bay, who has one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. This game could be an epic battle, and the way these two teams are built, this could become a rivalry for years to come. The key factor in this game will be TE Tony Gonzalez, and will provide a nice target in the end zone for QB Matt Ryan.

Prediction: 28-21, Falcons

#4 Arizona Cardinals vs. #5 New York Giants

This is possibly the least exciting game of my projected first round, andGiants vs. Cardinals looks pretty easy to figure out as well. The Giants will be relying on the running game all year long to carry them, and RB Brandon Jacobs will be tired and beat up. QB Eli Manning just doesn’t have the receivers to make big plays in the passing game, and the Cardinals defense isn’t too weak. Arizona, of course, has an explosive offense and will ride that to victory.

Prediction: 35-7, Cardinals


2 Responses

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  1. You honestly think the same six teams that made the playoffs last season will return in ’09?



    September 11, 2009 at 2:42 AM

  2. I don’t recall the Packers making the postseason last year David.


    September 11, 2009 at 3:19 PM

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