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My Super Bowl Prediction

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All of my NFL Season Previews, and predictions through the regular season and now into the playoffs have cultivated in this.

2010 SUPER BOWLEagles vs. Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens, in Miami, FL

It’s a Battle of the Birds in the Super Bowl. Throughout this season, both of these teams will have their ups and downs, and injuries. On offense, the Eagles are the better team. They have such a variety of weapons through the air, and have RB Brian Westbrook on the ground. Although the Ravens have

I believe that Donovan McNabb (above) will be hoisting a different trophy this February.

I believe that Donovan McNabb (above) will be hoisting a different trophy this February.

 a better running game, QB Joe Flacco doesn’t have the weapons that Eagle’s QB Donovan McNabb has. Of course, the Ravens defense is better. With All-Pros S Ed Reed and LB Ray Lewis, the Ravens have one of the best defense in football. Philadelphia has inspiration and heart on their side. With the loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, the Eagles’ defense will be playing for him this season, and have looked vicious thus far. Although, the Super Bowl is a different animal. It is one game for everything that a player has worked for all year long. Philadelphia faltered in the Super Bowl already this decade, but with an experienced group that shouldn’t happen again. The deciding factor will be the Eagle’s offense vs. the Raven’s defense, and with the losses in the secondary that Baltimore endured, there is no way that the Ravens can hold the Eagles all game long.

Prediction: 30-20, Eagles 2010 Super Bowl Champions

If this isn’t the year for the Birds, then I don’t know what is.


Written by Cale

September 13, 2009 at 7:42 PM

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