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The Chris Henry Effect

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Early Thursday morning, Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver, Chris Henry, passed away from serious injuries sustained in a car crash. The details aren’t quite clear yet, but it is known that he was fighting with his fiancée at the time of his unfortunate death.

Chris Henry (above) passed away early Thursday morning.

While alive, Henry had a troubled life. Arrested numerous times for various crimes, Henry reached rock bottom after being suspended from the NFL for eight games of the 2007 season, and he was released by the Bengals. However, Henry worked to clean up his act, and succeeded by returning to the NFL, and kept a relatively low profile for the past two years. At 26, it is no doubt that Henry, even though troubled, died too young. However, his life may lift his team, the Bengals, to heights that they have never reached, being the NFL and Super Bowl Championship.

Currently, the Bengals are 9-4, and are in first place in the AFC North. They are the third seed for the AFC playoffs, and have a shot of catching the Chargers, who they play this Sunday, and clinching a first round bye. After this weekend, the Bengals play the Chiefs and New York Giants, and both of those games should be relatively easy wins. However, I expect the Bengals to not only clinch a first round bye, beat the Chargers this weekend, and sweep their final two games, but they are now my Super Bowl favorites.

Over the years, this core group of Bengals has proven to be good, but not great. This year, they have been quite surprising, but have struggled during the past month. If there was any team in need of inspiration, it was Cincinnati. Bengals’ QB Carson Palmer has even suggested the idea of dedicating this season to Henry, and defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer’s wife, Vikki.

I expect this team to be on a mission. The Bengals could very well go and blowout the Chargers this weekend, and storm into the playoffs. If the standings were to finish as I think they will, with Cincinnati as the No. 2 seed, and the first round of the playoffs sporting New England and San Diego as winners, the Bengals would face the Patriots. Not only is New England reeling, but I think the Bengals will be unstoppable. After that, I would predict that Cincinnati would face the Colts in the AFC Championship game, and storm into the Super Bowl.


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