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A Talent Anomaly

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The Washington Redskins are a talented football team. Yes, I really did just write that. If you take a look at the ‘Skins’ roster, it contains RB Clinton Portis, S LaRon Landry, CB DeAngelo Hall, LB London Fletcher, and offensive linemen Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas. These are talented players, when healthy, which has been a big part of the Redskins problem this year. However, after a terrible blowout loss at home against the Giants, fans everywhere are calling for the job of head coach Jim Zorn. That is not entirely wrong because he should have been able to do a better job with the players he did have healthy. However, I believe the problem lies deeper within the Redskins than anyone is realizing.

In 2005, the Redskins finished 10-6, and lost in the playoffs to the Seattle Seahawks. That team consisted of most of the ‘Skins core players now, such as RB Clinton Portis,

Jim Zorn (above) has endured a tough season with the Redskins.

 QB Jason Campbell, and WRs Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El. Ever since 2005, the Redskins have finished 5-11, 9-7, 8-8, and are looking at a possible 4-12 finish this season. Over that time period, Washington has had several different offensive coordinators and two head coaches. On defense, the team has fluctuated from a rating of 7th – 29th in a span of one season. The obvious thing that is lacking is consistency, but it is something that runs deeper.

In Washington, there is no chemistry. QB Jason Campbell is not the quarterback that you want to be airing the ball out all game, but someone who you let move the ball slowly down the field through his running game and short passes. However, WRs Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El are speed receivers that are best at running deep routes. On the ground, any team with RBs Clinton Portis and LaDell Betts should be a running minded offense. However, Campbell had 506 pass attempts in 2008, which was a year where Portis almost gained 1,500 yards.

There has been similar cases of very talented teams that just couldn’t get over the hump because of lack on chemistry issues. The most recent and obvious example would be another team in the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys. Throughout the years of 2006-09, WR Terrell Owens clouded the ‘Boys locker room, and had many chemistry issues with QB Tony Romo. Romo was a young quarterback in those years, and didn’t need the stress of making sure that Owens was happy with how much he got the ball. This all led up to the crazy accusations that Romo and TE Jason Witten were having secret meetings with their offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, in order to keep Owens from getting the ball.

Wade Phillips (above) was able to turn the Cowboys around this season.

Now, if we all travel back a year ago, the memories of Dallas getting shut out of the playoffs should come back to us. At the time, all of the Cowboys’ fans were calling for coach Wade Phillips’ job. However, the firing never came, and instead, Owens was released. This allowed QB Tony Romo to spread the ball through the offense at his will, and it has run more efficiently. Now, the Cowboys are 9-5, and most likely heading to the playoffs.

I’m not saying that the Redskins can get rid of or add one player to turn the ship around. It is just simple moves that help put players into positions in which they can succeed which define a season’s outcome.


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