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The Future of McNabb

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Unless you have been under a rock for the past weekend, you may have noticed that the Philadelphia Eagles lost in the playoffs again. For the first time in coach Andy Reid’s career, it was a first round playoff game. What makes this loss even worse is that it was against division rival, the Dallas Cowboys. On top of that, it is the second time in two weeks that the Eagles had their behinds handed to them by Dallas. Less than stellar play by QB Donovan McNabb has started up the questions that have become commonplace in the past few years. “Where is McNabb going? Will he be in an Eagle’s uniform? Will he retire? Who will be the starting quarterback of the Eagles?”

Of course, a day after their playoff loss, coach Andy Reid proclaimed that McNabb is his quarterback for 2010, which is the last year in his contract. Obviously, things can change, something could happen, and McNabb may not even be in an Eagles uniform next season. Who knows? Only time will tell. For now, many guesses will be thrown around, and it will be a topic for the offseason. Personally, I believe McNabb will be back next season, and it will be his last shot, and possibly last season in an Eagles’ uniform, regardless of performance. However, I will go through the many different scenarios that I could see happening this offseason.

McNabb is the Eagles’ QB in 2010

I believe this scenario is most likely. This means that backup QB Michael Vick will surely be gone, for Philadelphia will not waste $5 million dollars on a backup. QB Kevin Kolb will again be holding the clipboard on the sidelines, and the same core offensive group will return. It would be almost the same offensive unit that played throughout most of this season, barring injuries.

McNabb is traded

The trading partners for McNabb are more limited now than in year’s past. The possible destinations for this Eagle to land would be in St. Louis, Seattle, Buffalo, San Francisco, and Oakland. St. Louis is coached by former Eagles’ coach, Steve Spagnuolo, and needs a quarterback to bring along receivers. Seattle seems unlikely as well, for new coach Pete Carroll is looking to rebuild the franchise. Buffalo needs a quarterback to run their offense, but WR Terrell Owens may have to go for McNabb to play in Buffalo. The spot that makes most sense would be San Francisco, where the team is on the cusp of making the playoffs, but needs better quarterback play to be a contender. Oakland just needs someone to attempt to run their offense, as their expensive-bust quarterback, JaMarcus Russell is most likely done there. However, QB Bruce Gradkowski may have stepped up enough to claim the job. I can’t see the Eagles getting much from any partner for McNabb. He isn’t the cheapest player in the world, so teams may only be willing to give up a third round pick for him. They might also target a backup player that they might like from a team, and bring him in for McNabb.

In this case, QB Michael Vick’s option could be exercised. When Vick signed, there was rumor that coach Andy Reid wanted to transform him into a complete quarterback, and Vick’s big play against Dallas was almost the entire Eagles’ offense for the game. If Vick’s option isn’t exercised, QB Kevin Kolb, who played well in the couple games that McNabb was injured this season, would take control of the offense as the Eagles’ quarterback for the forseeable future.

McNabb is released

Ruling out no options here, the Eagles could release McNabb, and get nothing for him. If that happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if veteran RB Brian Westbrook got his walking papers as well, as he is due $7.25 million next season as a base salary. It is unclear how much Westbrook has left in the tank, as he was injured for more than half this season, but was ineffective in his limited time on the field. The quarterback scenarios for replacing McNabb would still be the same as above.

I don’t see the Eagles changing too much this offseason. They will obviously try to upgrade their offensive line and secondary, and add depth to their line backing core and defensive line. It is doubtful that any big splashes will be made, such as any move involving QB Donovan McNabb.


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