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The NBA Slam Dunk Suckfest

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As yet another NBA All-Star weekend passed by, there were some highlights and memories that fans will never forget. Not included in those memories will be the forgettable dunk contest, that had people looking at each other in confusion and boredom. It was possibly the most boring sports event since Tiger Woodsless golf.

The contestants included Knicks guard Nate Robinson, who was going for his third straight title, although he should have never won the first two against Andre Iguodala and Dwight Howard respectively. Robinson had been highly entertaining in both of the previous contests, and it was expected again. Next was Raptors’ rookie forward DeMar DeRozan, who was many people’s sleeper pick to steal the contest from Robinson. Following those two were Bobcats’ forward Gerald Wallace, and Lakers’ guard Shannon Brown.

The stage was set, and some crazy, new and exciting dunks were ready to be thrown down, right? Wrong. Robinson made two mediocre dunks that somehow advanced him to the finals. Following him was DeRozan, whose best dunk was more highlighted by the pass his teammate made off the side of the backboard to set up the play and his trip to the finals. Next was Wallace, who had a look on his face as if he were about to have his mug shot taken, and didn’t crack a smile as he pulled of two less than memorable dunks. Finally, high flyin’ Shannon Brown put the crowd to sleep with dunks that seventh grade kids have made in their gym classes.

In between the rounds, DeMar DeRozan did an interview with a TNT reporter, stating that the creativity was about to come out and he had to get the crowd involved. The sentiment was echoed by Nate Robinson, as they both headed into their final matchup. Honestly, the final was more pathetic than the first round. DeRozan did his dunks quick and without much thought, possibly hoping to make it to Dwayne Wade’s party on time. Robinson tried to include the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, but it was in a way that brought absolutely no excitement, and was to only pay homage to former Cowboy, Terrell Owens. Maybe acting like T.O. isn’t the best idea for Nate, for his similar acts of annoyance are the reason that the Knicks have tried to trade him all season.

In conclusion, Robinson took his third title home, and everyone went home yawning and bored. Simply, the contest sucked. Maybe “the King”, LeBron James, should have actually participated in the contest, as he said he would a year ago. Then, it might have actually pushed the contestants to excite and entertain the crowd, which is the primary reason for the contest in the first place.


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