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The Favre-Retirement Game

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Possibly the most challenging, controversial, and over talked about issue in sports is the annual Brett Favre retirement situation. I have a special attachment to this, because Wassup Sports!?!?!? first post was a prediction of Favre coming back wearing purple and gold. Of course, I was right and this blog was off and running. Now here we are again, at a disappointing end to another one of Favre’s seasons, with an interception being a possible last memory of a brilliant career. Whether or not Favre will come back is now the most talked about topic. No, it’s not the New Orleans Saints going to their first Super Bowl, or the Indianapolis Colts upsetting the Cinderella story Jets. It’s all about Brett Favre. He is the center of the football world until the Super Bowl, and then beginning again right after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is to be handed out. The crazy part of it is that Favre’s decision won’t be made until mid-August, after training camp is over, and the preseason nearly done.

I think this situation is the most obvious for dear old Brett. He’s coming back. It’s my gut feeling. Why wouldn’t the man? Everyone told him that a 40-year-old quarterback couldn’t play in this league. He showed those doubters. Everyone told him that the Vikings couldn’t make a serious playoff run. Favre led the team to a first round bye, and a playoff victory, only to fall in overtime of the NFC Championship Game. Everything is set up for Favre’s return. He will have a year of chemistry built up with his receivers, and the Vikings can add some defensive depth during the offseason. Most importantly, Minnesota will have to give Adrian Peterson the “Tiki Barber Treatment” to get him to stop fumbling the ball.

Believe it or not, I also think that Favre keeps coming back for the records. There is no doubt in my mind that he wants to be remembered as the best to play the game, and wants the statistics to back that up. Every year that Brett keeps playing is a year that he keeps building his stats, while QBs Peyton Manning and Tom Brady continue to ride the wave behind him. Of course, Favre’s goal is to win another Super Bowl and go out on top, similar to John Elway. There is no reason that Favre couldn’t do that with the Vikings. They are a great team. Minnesota’s offense blew away the Saints’ defense yesterday, but it was the turnovers that blew the game. If Peterson gets fixed, I believe the Vikings win that game.

Finally, it does come down to Favre’s ball control. Yes, he has been known to throw the big interception. He has now done it to end the past two NFC Championship’s that he has played in. I believe the saying goes “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Favre’s feeling the shame, and put in that position again it is doubtful that he lets go of that ball.

Yes, it is early, but I believe Favre is coming back to lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl victory. Love him or hate him, the man is a great football player and a warrior. There is no reason that he shouldn’t come back. However, with my luck, the man will retire, crawl into a hole, and never be heard from again.


Two GMs, Two Different Sports, Two Big Mistakes

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Packers’ GM Ted Thompson and now former Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi really don’t have much in common. The Packers are an age old NFL team, while the Blue Jays are in the MLB and are north of the border. Although, what they do have in common is the fact that they have both made a mistake that may stain their careers forever.

Starting off with Thompson, and he will be known as “The Guy Who Traded Brett Favre.” It began in the summer of 2008, when Favre retired, again. Of course, as training camp grew closer, Favre got the itch to play again. Being tired of the same old song and dance, Thompson felt that it was his place to put his foot down, trade Favre to the Jets, and move on with QB Aaron Rodgers as the face of his organization. This is where Thompson went wrong.

Brett Favre (left) may come back to haunt Ted Thompson (right).

Brett Favre (left) may come back to haunt Ted Thompson (right).

The Packers went 6-10 in 2008, while the Jets went 9-7. Of course, both teams missed the playoffs, but this isn’t where the story ends. So the inevitable Favre retirement occurred again, and it seemed that he may actually have been done this time. WRONG. After months of speculation, Favre signed with the Vikings, which also happened to be the team he was rumored as wanting to go to in 2008. Thompson had tried everything in his power to prevent Favre from becoming a Viking, including putting a clause in the trade with the Jets that would have sent Green Bay three first round picks if he were traded to Minnesota. Although, the Jets released Favre upon his retirement, allowing him to go where he pleases.


Now, Favre is with the Vikings, who are 3-0. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Favre wants to beat down his former team for letting him go. Oh, and this game will be nationally televised on Monday night. This is where Thompson will be publicly humiliated for trading a future Hall of Famer, and possibly the best quarterback of all time. I don’t care who Green Bay drafted, or if Favre retired 500 times before he came back, Thompson should have never traded Brett Favre.

On the other hand, we have ex-Blue Jays’ GM J.P. Ricciardi. Toronto letJ.P. Ricciardi Riccardi go after not trading away ace P Roy Halladay. Ricciardi never found the package of super young talent that he so desperately desired, despite receiving many offers. So, Riccardi ended up keeping Halladay, which has now drastically reduced his trade value. Halladay’s value may have decreased so much, that the Jays may just let him finish out his contract, and let him walk to the Bronx and the New York Yankees.

Ricciardi’s mistake was different from Thompson’s. J.P. had many different options, and many different packages of players. Although, he kept pushing and pushing for a team’s whole minor league prospect pull, and no one would budge. Now, Toronto is in total rebuild mode, after letting OF Alex Rios go on waivers. The Blue Jays just figured that Ricciardi was just not the man for the job, because he failed to pull the trigger.

A general manager’s toughest decision may be deciding whether or not to trade a star player. There should be some obvious ground rules about these situations, and these two GMs have failed to follow them. Now, Ricciardi is without a job, and if Favre beats down the Pack and leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl, Thompson could be without a job too.

My NFL Conference Championship Predictions

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I have predicted upsets in the AFC, as I think the #3 and #5 seeds, San Diego and Baltimore, will make up the AFC Championship game. On the other side, I think the top two seeds, Philadelphia and Minnesota, will make it to the NFC Conference finals.


#3 San Diego Chargers vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens

Ravens vs. ChargersThis is almost the perfect match up of an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. San Diego’s powerful offense will be going up against Baltimore’s strong defense. In three career games against Baltimore, RB LaDanian Tomlinson has only scored one TD. Although, QB Philip Rivers has been effective through the air, passing for nearly 400 yards and 4 TDs in two games. The Raven’s secondary has gotten weaker this offseason, but will be pumped up for this game. This AFC Championship game will come down to the wire, where Baltimore’s QB Joe Flacco plays best, with a total of 349 yards late in close games. Look for Baltimore to wear down the Chargers’ defense with the running game, before QB Joe Flacco strikes with the passing attack, which should help win this game for the Ravens.

Prediction: 21-14, Ravens


#1 Philadelphia Eagles vs. #2 Minnesota Vikings

Eagles vs. VikingsThis NFC Championship game is a rematch of the ’08 Wild Card playoff game. A lot has changed since then, as both teams have added weapons on offense. The Vikings will now be led by QB Brett Favre, who is a proven quarterback in clutch moments and playoff games. RB Adrian Peterson will balance out Favre’s aerial assault, and the Philadelphia defense will have to contain Peterson as they did in ’08. On offense, the Eagles got stronger in the passing game, which will help take advantage of the Vikings’ weakened secondary. The deciding factor of this game will be which offensive line can stop the dynamic defensive line each team has. I think the Eagles will win that battle, and return to the Super Bowl for the first time since ’05.

Prediction: 28-17, Eagles

My NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

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Now that I have predicted the first round, let’s get the divisional playoffs out of the way.


#1 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore vs. PittsburghAn AFC North match up will prove to be a gritty, tough battle. These teams hate each other, and have a huge rivalry. Pittsburgh will be injured, mostly because of their style of play. Although, when it comes down to it, the Steelers are the most clutch team in the league. Baltimore will play to their strength, which is their defense. This game should be decided by which running game can break through the opposing defense. Believe it or not, I believe that Baltimore will find a way to break through the Pittsburgh defense in the final minutes.

Prediction: 17-14, Ravens

#2 Indianapolis Colts vs. #3 San Diego Chargers

Colts vs. ChargersThis a rematch of a playoff game of the past couple years. This Chargers team may be the best yet, and their defense is stronger than before. QB Philip Rivers may also be reaching his peak, and the combination of RBs LaDanian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles will be a lot to handle. The Indianapolis defense always seems to pick up their play in the playoffs, and they still have QB Peyton Manning. This game could quite possibly be decided by the more efficient offense, and it looks to be San Diego’s time.

Prediction: 35-28, Chargers


#1 Philadelphia Eagles vs. #4 Arizona Cardinals

Eagles vs. CardinalsThis match up is a rematch of last season’s NFC Championship game. The Eagles have a much stronger offense now, and will be explosive. While their defense appears weaker, the secondary should now know what to expect from the Cardinals. Arizona also has an explosive offense, but their defense could be their downfall. With so many weapons on offense, Philadelphia will not be denied.

Prediction: 24-14, Eagles

#2 Minnesota Vikings vs. #3 Atlanta Falcons

Falcons vs. VikingsThe Vikings have the most explosive running back in football, Adrian Peterson. Not to mention, the Vikings have a future Hall of Famer at quarterback now, in Brett Favre. The Falcons also have a much celebrated offense. RB Michael Turner has now been recognized as one of the best backs in football, and QB Matt Ryan now has weapons all over the field. This game will be decided by which defense breaks first, and Atlanta’s defensive line just doesn’t appear ready to clog the holes to shut down RB Adrian Peterson.

Prediction: 24-17, Vikings

NFL Season Preview: #9 Minnesota Vikings

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Overview: Last season, the Minnesota Vikings were another team with an uncertain quarterback situation. Minnesota started QB Gus Frerotte for most of the season until he went down with an injury. That is when QB Tavaris Jackson went on a roll, and helped the Vikings to a 10-6 record, and a trip to the playoffs. Minnesota then lost in the first round to Philadelphia.

Offseason Moves: The Vikings have had a busy off season, to say the least. It started off with trading for backup QB Sage Rosenfels from Houston. Next came the draft, where Minnesota selected Florida WR Percy Harvin in the first round. The Vikings also signed WR Glenn Holt on the offensive side of the ball. On defense, Minnesota signed CB Karl Paymah to boost their secondary. The Vikings most recently signed QB Brett Favre, (which I predicted all the way back in my first post) and this move is thought to lift the Vikings to be Super Bowl contenders.

Upcoming Season: The Vikings have the best running back in football in RB Adrian Peterson. It also helps that Peterson gets to run behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Now that QB Brett Favre is in Minnesota, he should be able to lift a mediocre receiving core up, and balance out the running and passing game. Minnesota’s defense is solid, with possibly the best defensive line in football, and a solid linebacking core. The secondary is a little questionable, but still a pretty solid group.

Brett FavrePlayer to watch: When RB Adrian Peterson isn’t blowing past defenders, the ball will be in QB Brett Favre’s hands. Many believe he’s washed up, and people are reporting a “schism” in the Viking’s locker room. Once Favre leads Minnesota to victory, no one will care about any of that. Favre still has it, and faltered last season because of injury. Look for QB Brett Favre to be a top five quarterback in the NFL this season.

Prediction: 11-5, 1st in NFC North

Yes, the Vikings will win the division easily, and be Super Bowl contenders. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong come season’s end.

NFL Season Preview: #17 Green Bay Packers

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Overview: The Packers kissed Brett Favre goodbye last season, and did the same to a winning record. Green Bay struggled in QB Aaron Rodgers’ first year starting, going 6-10. The defense struggled mightily, both with injuries and consistency.

Offseason Moves: The Packers stayed relatively quiet during the off season. They drafted Boston College DT B.J. Raji and USC LB Clay Matthews in the first round of the draft, to help the defense. The biggest change is the system in which the Packers will run, switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. This move is making DE Aaron Kampman, who once led the league in sacks, become the LOLB.

Upcoming Season: Green Bay has the offense in place with RB Ryan Grant and WRs Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, and just has to stay consistent. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers progresses like they hope, and Green Bay could be a top offense in the league. On the other side of the ball, the Packers look stronger on defense, but a switch of systems always takes adjusting to. Look for the defense to start off slow, but pick it up later in the season.

Nick BarnettPlayer to watch: If the defense wants to succeed, it needs its leader and MLB Nick Barnett healthy. Barnett missed the last seven games of the regular season due to injury, and the Packers lost six of those seven. With a change in defense, it becomes even more important that Barnett is playing, and leading Green Bay’s defensive unit.

Prediction: 9-7, 2nd in NFC North

Honestly, if the Vikings didn’t pick up Brett Favre, I could see the Packers winning the division. With Favre though, I know the Vikings will take both games from the Packers. Of course, the for mentioned change of defense will slow Green Bay down a bit.

NFL Season Preview: #23 New York Jets

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Overview: The Jets had an up and down season in ’08. After starting 3-3, the Jets went on a tear, winning five straight. However, they faltered down the stretch, mostly because of the play of QB Brett Favre, and went 1-4 in their last five games. Finishing at 9-7, the Jets missed the postseason, and made many changes.

Offseason Moves: New York got rid of Eric Mangini and hired former Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan. QB Brett Favre finally decided to retire, and WR Lavernues Coles left for Cincinnati. Those were the only key losses for the Jets in the off season. To replace Favre, the Jets drafted USC QB Mark Sanchez in the first round of the draft. New York also drafted Iowa RB Shonn Greene. Turning their focus to the defensive side of the ball, the Jets traded for CB Lito Sheppard, and signed DE Marques Douglas, LBs Larry Izzo and Bart Scott, and S Jim Leonhard.

Upcoming Season: The Jets have an uncertain QB situation, and a thin receiving core. New York still has RBs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, but they proved to be a tad inconsistent at times. Although, the Jets defense should thrive this season, especially under new head coach Rex Ryan.

Mark SanchezPlayer to watch: With the looming QB competition, you have to be watching Mark Sanchez. Although he only started 16 games in college, he showed he could be an elite quarterback. Many fear that his lack of experience could stunt his development, but it looks like Sanchez could lead the Jets, and possibly as soon as this season.

Prediction: 8-8, 3rd in AFC East

You can’t expect Sanchez to lead the Jets to the division crown in his first season. Look for the Jets to combat the Patriots in the upcoming seasons, after Sanchez is fully groomed.