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MLB Season Preview: #23 Chicago White Sox

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Overview: The White Sox were an under-achieving team last season. They had a load of power, and depth in their pitching staff. Yet, injuries were abundant on the south side of Chicago, and the Sox dwindled down the stretch.

Offseason Moves: The White Sox added an abundance of players during the offseason. To address the problems in the bullpen, the Sox brought in Ps Tony Pena and J.J. Putz. To improve on offense, Chicago brought in speedy OF Juan Pierre, OF Andruw Jones, and IF/OF Mark Teahen. IFs Omar Vizquel, Jayson Nix, and Mark Kotsay were brought in primarily for defensive purposes.

Projected Lineups and Pitching Staff:

1. CF Juan Pierre (.308, 0 HR, 31 RBI)

2. SS Alexei Ramirez (.277, 15 HR, 68 RBI)

3. 3B Gordon Beckham (.270, 14 HR, 63 RBI)

4. 1B Paul Konerko (.277, 28 HR, 88 RBI)

5. LF Carlos Quentin (.236, 21 RBI, 56 RBI)

6. DH Mark Teahen (.271, 12 HR, 50 RBI)

7. RF Alex Rios (.247, 17 HR, 71 RBI)

8. C A.J. Pierzynski (.300, 13 HR, 49 RBI)

9. 2B Jayson Nix (.224, 12 HR, 34 RBI)

Backup C: Ramon Castro (.219, 7 HR, 25 RBI)

Backup IF: Omar Vizquel (.266, 1 HR, 14 RBI)

Backup OF: Andruw Jones (.214, 17 HR, 43 RBI)

1. Mark Buehrle (13-10, 3.84 ERA)

2. Jake Peavy (9-6, 3.45 ERA)

3. John Danks (13-11, 3.77 ERA)

4. Gavin Floyd (11-11, 4.06 ERA)

5. Freddy Garcia (3-4, 4.34 ERA)

CP: Bobby Jenks (3-4, 3.71 ERA, 29 SV)

SU: Matt Thornton (6-3, 2.74 ERA)

SU: J.J. Putz (1-4, 5.22 ERA)

MR: Scott Linebrink (3-7, 4.66 ERA)

MR: Tony Pena (6-5, 3.99 ERA)

MR: Randy Williams (0-1, 4.58 ERA)

MR: Greg Aquino (1-2, 4.50 ERA)

LR: Dan Hudson (1-1, 3.38 ERA)

Player to watch: The key to the Sox’s success lies in the right arm of P Jake Peavy. Injured for most of last season, Peavy didn’t make much of an impact after being traded from San Diego. However, Peavy is a former ace, and was often in the NL Cy Young Award talks. A switch to the American League should inflate his numbers a bit, although, he still has the tools to be a good pitcher. If Peavy performs like he is capable of doing, the White Sox have a real shot at taking the AL Central.

Prediction: 83-79, 2nd in AL Central

I think that the White Sox are going to be one of this year’s surprise teams, and a team that many will cheer for. They are a group of veterans that no one is really expecting much out of. However, they play in a weak division, and may have just the right mix of players to succeed. I’m thinking with my head picking them to only finish 2nd in the division because too many things need to happen in Chicago’s favor for them to make the playoffs.


Jim Parque admits HGH use

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Jim Parque was a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox from 1998-2002. At the end of 2002, Parque tore his labrum, and feared his career to be in jeopardy. So with no other alternative in sight, Parque used HGH to recover, and pitch for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2003. Throughout his stay in Tampa, Parque said he used HGH six times.Steroids Parque Baseball

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, this story shows a difference usage for performance enhancing drugs. Parque used HGH to recover from an injury, not that that makes his usage legal or right. Although, I understand it more than the simple cheaters of the game such as A-Rod, Manny Ramirez, and etc. The usage of performance enhancing drugs is wrong, and Parque should have just faced the harsh reality that his short major league career was over. I understand he was desperate, and trying to hold on to his career, but Parque still cheated.

Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Gullien, put it best saying, “There are three things you do it for, when you admit something. You’re going to make money out of that? I don’t think anybody would buy the [expletive] book. Sleep at night well or to be noticed? Or to be in the public eye? I think this kid did it to sleep well. He wants to show people out there that when you do the wrong thing, it’s still not working. I wish I could be his father. I’d be proud of him for coming out and saying that.”

Buehrle: Congratulations to Mark Buehrle on his perfect game yesterday.

Favre: Come back already, like I’ve predicted earlier.

Written by Cale

July 24, 2009 at 4:05 PM