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Odds and Ends

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After not posting anything in two weeks, I figure it’s time to cover up some odds and ends. First, I was totally wrong on the Penguins, and congratulations to them for winning the Stanley Cup. Also, congratulations to the Lakers for winning their 15th title.

Other things I am waiting on:

  • Stephen Strasburg to sign with the Nationals…which could never happen.
  • Brett Favre to come back… which might not happen this time!
  • Terrell Owens’ first accusation of secret meetings between Trentto Edwards and Lee Evans in Buffalo.
  • The Flyers to let longtime wing, and fan favorite Mike Knuble walk.
  • The New York Mets to somehow overcome their injuries, only to collapse to the Phillies again in September.
  • The Cowboys, even without their alleged problem in Owens, to once again lose in the first round of the playoffs.
  • Ricky Rubio to return to Spain, just because he doesn’t want to play in Minnesota.
  • Stephen Curry’s first trade request out of Golden State.lebron
  • LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Curry to unite in New York, and lift the Knicks to a title.
  • The Padres to trade Jake Peavy, for much less value then they had been asking for.
  • The Blue Jays collapse down the stretch, after they decide to keep ace Roy Halladay.
  • The Orioles to get good! Of course, this won’t happen for another five years, but they are the future of the AL East.
  • The Indians to trade Victor Martinez, Cliff Lee, and anyone else who could actually be apart of a winning ball club that they apparently don’t need.
  • The Cubs to win a World Series.


Yes, I am waiting on a lot, much of which could conceivably happen.


And with the first pick in the ’09 MLB Draft, the Washington Nationals select…

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Will the Nationals take Stephen Strasburg, the phenom right hander clocked at 103 mph, and almost guaranteed to be the next big thing? This is almost a sure thing, believe it or not. The Nats would be nuts not to take Strasburg, but there are many factors that would make it easier to understand if they passed on him.

Stephen Strasburg

The Upside: Strasburg has put up ridiculous numbers while pitching at San Diego State. While winning thirteen games, Strasburg struck out 195 batters while only walking 19 in 109 innings. Having being clocked as high as 103 mph, and throwing a no-hitter, Strasburg had a nearly complete college career. With all the buzz this kid is generating, the Nats drafting him would immediately reek economic benefits. Attendance would soar, and that would be tremendous in this economy. Of course, the real upside is if Strasburg is the real thing. Imagine his first major league start in September, Nationals Park packed to capacity with hopeful fans. The first batter Strasburg faces, he fans with three 103 mph fastballs, and the crowd goes wild! The Nationals will be hoping for years of excitement, and production as their efforts to turn that ball club around go on.

The Downside: As with most, if not all things, there is a downside to this phenom. Number one, is his agent Scott Boras, who has been reported to be asking for as high as a 50 million dollar deal before Strasburg even throws a professional pitch. That’s unbelievably risky for a team trying to turn it around, and in these economic times. Strasburg could go down with injury and never throw a pitch, and the Nats would lose 50 million dollars. Say that Strasburg were to make it to the majors though. He’ll be making his 50 million, but what if he doesn’t live up to the hype? What if he just turns out to be a mediocre pitcher making a ridiculous amount of money? Although, it could be even worse if the Nationals were not to sign him. Having failed to sign their last two top picks, fans will begin losing faith. Players just don’t want to come to Washington, and if Strasburg doesn’t sign, it will just be another blow to the franchise.

Either way, this move is risky for the Nats. It could bring the ultimate reward, or slow the teams development for more years to come. It’s gonna be interesting to see how it all plays out. Oh, and after the Nationals figure out what they’ll do with that first pick, they get to turn around and pick at number ten. I can feel the pounding headaches coming on.

Written by Cale

June 9, 2009 at 6:17 PM