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The Favre-Retirement Game

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Possibly the most challenging, controversial, and over talked about issue in sports is the annual Brett Favre retirement situation. I have a special attachment to this, because Wassup Sports!?!?!? first post was a prediction of Favre coming back wearing purple and gold. Of course, I was right and this blog was off and running. Now here we are again, at a disappointing end to another one of Favre’s seasons, with an interception being a possible last memory of a brilliant career. Whether or not Favre will come back is now the most talked about topic. No, it’s not the New Orleans Saints going to their first Super Bowl, or the Indianapolis Colts upsetting the Cinderella story Jets. It’s all about Brett Favre. He is the center of the football world until the Super Bowl, and then beginning again right after the Vince Lombardi Trophy is to be handed out. The crazy part of it is that Favre’s decision won’t be made until mid-August, after training camp is over, and the preseason nearly done.

I think this situation is the most obvious for dear old Brett. He’s coming back. It’s my gut feeling. Why wouldn’t the man? Everyone told him that a 40-year-old quarterback couldn’t play in this league. He showed those doubters. Everyone told him that the Vikings couldn’t make a serious playoff run. Favre led the team to a first round bye, and a playoff victory, only to fall in overtime of the NFC Championship Game. Everything is set up for Favre’s return. He will have a year of chemistry built up with his receivers, and the Vikings can add some defensive depth during the offseason. Most importantly, Minnesota will have to give Adrian Peterson the “Tiki Barber Treatment” to get him to stop fumbling the ball.

Believe it or not, I also think that Favre keeps coming back for the records. There is no doubt in my mind that he wants to be remembered as the best to play the game, and wants the statistics to back that up. Every year that Brett keeps playing is a year that he keeps building his stats, while QBs Peyton Manning and Tom Brady continue to ride the wave behind him. Of course, Favre’s goal is to win another Super Bowl and go out on top, similar to John Elway. There is no reason that Favre couldn’t do that with the Vikings. They are a great team. Minnesota’s offense blew away the Saints’ defense yesterday, but it was the turnovers that blew the game. If Peterson gets fixed, I believe the Vikings win that game.

Finally, it does come down to Favre’s ball control. Yes, he has been known to throw the big interception. He has now done it to end the past two NFC Championship’s that he has played in. I believe the saying goes “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Favre’s feeling the shame, and put in that position again it is doubtful that he lets go of that ball.

Yes, it is early, but I believe Favre is coming back to lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl victory. Love him or hate him, the man is a great football player and a warrior. There is no reason that he shouldn’t come back. However, with my luck, the man will retire, crawl into a hole, and never be heard from again.


The Chris Henry Effect

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Early Thursday morning, Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver, Chris Henry, passed away from serious injuries sustained in a car crash. The details aren’t quite clear yet, but it is known that he was fighting with his fiancée at the time of his unfortunate death.

Chris Henry (above) passed away early Thursday morning.

While alive, Henry had a troubled life. Arrested numerous times for various crimes, Henry reached rock bottom after being suspended from the NFL for eight games of the 2007 season, and he was released by the Bengals. However, Henry worked to clean up his act, and succeeded by returning to the NFL, and kept a relatively low profile for the past two years. At 26, it is no doubt that Henry, even though troubled, died too young. However, his life may lift his team, the Bengals, to heights that they have never reached, being the NFL and Super Bowl Championship.

Currently, the Bengals are 9-4, and are in first place in the AFC North. They are the third seed for the AFC playoffs, and have a shot of catching the Chargers, who they play this Sunday, and clinching a first round bye. After this weekend, the Bengals play the Chiefs and New York Giants, and both of those games should be relatively easy wins. However, I expect the Bengals to not only clinch a first round bye, beat the Chargers this weekend, and sweep their final two games, but they are now my Super Bowl favorites.

Over the years, this core group of Bengals has proven to be good, but not great. This year, they have been quite surprising, but have struggled during the past month. If there was any team in need of inspiration, it was Cincinnati. Bengals’ QB Carson Palmer has even suggested the idea of dedicating this season to Henry, and defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer’s wife, Vikki.

I expect this team to be on a mission. The Bengals could very well go and blowout the Chargers this weekend, and storm into the playoffs. If the standings were to finish as I think they will, with Cincinnati as the No. 2 seed, and the first round of the playoffs sporting New England and San Diego as winners, the Bengals would face the Patriots. Not only is New England reeling, but I think the Bengals will be unstoppable. After that, I would predict that Cincinnati would face the Colts in the AFC Championship game, and storm into the Super Bowl.

Two GMs, Two Different Sports, Two Big Mistakes

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Packers’ GM Ted Thompson and now former Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi really don’t have much in common. The Packers are an age old NFL team, while the Blue Jays are in the MLB and are north of the border. Although, what they do have in common is the fact that they have both made a mistake that may stain their careers forever.

Starting off with Thompson, and he will be known as “The Guy Who Traded Brett Favre.” It began in the summer of 2008, when Favre retired, again. Of course, as training camp grew closer, Favre got the itch to play again. Being tired of the same old song and dance, Thompson felt that it was his place to put his foot down, trade Favre to the Jets, and move on with QB Aaron Rodgers as the face of his organization. This is where Thompson went wrong.

Brett Favre (left) may come back to haunt Ted Thompson (right).

Brett Favre (left) may come back to haunt Ted Thompson (right).

The Packers went 6-10 in 2008, while the Jets went 9-7. Of course, both teams missed the playoffs, but this isn’t where the story ends. So the inevitable Favre retirement occurred again, and it seemed that he may actually have been done this time. WRONG. After months of speculation, Favre signed with the Vikings, which also happened to be the team he was rumored as wanting to go to in 2008. Thompson had tried everything in his power to prevent Favre from becoming a Viking, including putting a clause in the trade with the Jets that would have sent Green Bay three first round picks if he were traded to Minnesota. Although, the Jets released Favre upon his retirement, allowing him to go where he pleases.


Now, Favre is with the Vikings, who are 3-0. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Favre wants to beat down his former team for letting him go. Oh, and this game will be nationally televised on Monday night. This is where Thompson will be publicly humiliated for trading a future Hall of Famer, and possibly the best quarterback of all time. I don’t care who Green Bay drafted, or if Favre retired 500 times before he came back, Thompson should have never traded Brett Favre.

On the other hand, we have ex-Blue Jays’ GM J.P. Ricciardi. Toronto letJ.P. Ricciardi Riccardi go after not trading away ace P Roy Halladay. Ricciardi never found the package of super young talent that he so desperately desired, despite receiving many offers. So, Riccardi ended up keeping Halladay, which has now drastically reduced his trade value. Halladay’s value may have decreased so much, that the Jays may just let him finish out his contract, and let him walk to the Bronx and the New York Yankees.

Ricciardi’s mistake was different from Thompson’s. J.P. had many different options, and many different packages of players. Although, he kept pushing and pushing for a team’s whole minor league prospect pull, and no one would budge. Now, Toronto is in total rebuild mode, after letting OF Alex Rios go on waivers. The Blue Jays just figured that Ricciardi was just not the man for the job, because he failed to pull the trigger.

A general manager’s toughest decision may be deciding whether or not to trade a star player. There should be some obvious ground rules about these situations, and these two GMs have failed to follow them. Now, Ricciardi is without a job, and if Favre beats down the Pack and leads the Vikings to the Super Bowl, Thompson could be without a job too.

My Super Bowl Prediction

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All of my NFL Season Previews, and predictions through the regular season and now into the playoffs have cultivated in this.

2010 SUPER BOWLEagles vs. Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens, in Miami, FL

It’s a Battle of the Birds in the Super Bowl. Throughout this season, both of these teams will have their ups and downs, and injuries. On offense, the Eagles are the better team. They have such a variety of weapons through the air, and have RB Brian Westbrook on the ground. Although the Ravens have

I believe that Donovan McNabb (above) will be hoisting a different trophy this February.

I believe that Donovan McNabb (above) will be hoisting a different trophy this February.

 a better running game, QB Joe Flacco doesn’t have the weapons that Eagle’s QB Donovan McNabb has. Of course, the Ravens defense is better. With All-Pros S Ed Reed and LB Ray Lewis, the Ravens have one of the best defense in football. Philadelphia has inspiration and heart on their side. With the loss of defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, the Eagles’ defense will be playing for him this season, and have looked vicious thus far. Although, the Super Bowl is a different animal. It is one game for everything that a player has worked for all year long. Philadelphia faltered in the Super Bowl already this decade, but with an experienced group that shouldn’t happen again. The deciding factor will be the Eagle’s offense vs. the Raven’s defense, and with the losses in the secondary that Baltimore endured, there is no way that the Ravens can hold the Eagles all game long.

Prediction: 30-20, Eagles 2010 Super Bowl Champions

If this isn’t the year for the Birds, then I don’t know what is.

Written by Cale

September 13, 2009 at 7:42 PM

My NFL Conference Championship Predictions

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I have predicted upsets in the AFC, as I think the #3 and #5 seeds, San Diego and Baltimore, will make up the AFC Championship game. On the other side, I think the top two seeds, Philadelphia and Minnesota, will make it to the NFC Conference finals.


#3 San Diego Chargers vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens

Ravens vs. ChargersThis is almost the perfect match up of an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. San Diego’s powerful offense will be going up against Baltimore’s strong defense. In three career games against Baltimore, RB LaDanian Tomlinson has only scored one TD. Although, QB Philip Rivers has been effective through the air, passing for nearly 400 yards and 4 TDs in two games. The Raven’s secondary has gotten weaker this offseason, but will be pumped up for this game. This AFC Championship game will come down to the wire, where Baltimore’s QB Joe Flacco plays best, with a total of 349 yards late in close games. Look for Baltimore to wear down the Chargers’ defense with the running game, before QB Joe Flacco strikes with the passing attack, which should help win this game for the Ravens.

Prediction: 21-14, Ravens


#1 Philadelphia Eagles vs. #2 Minnesota Vikings

Eagles vs. VikingsThis NFC Championship game is a rematch of the ’08 Wild Card playoff game. A lot has changed since then, as both teams have added weapons on offense. The Vikings will now be led by QB Brett Favre, who is a proven quarterback in clutch moments and playoff games. RB Adrian Peterson will balance out Favre’s aerial assault, and the Philadelphia defense will have to contain Peterson as they did in ’08. On offense, the Eagles got stronger in the passing game, which will help take advantage of the Vikings’ weakened secondary. The deciding factor of this game will be which offensive line can stop the dynamic defensive line each team has. I think the Eagles will win that battle, and return to the Super Bowl for the first time since ’05.

Prediction: 28-17, Eagles

NFL Season Preview: #1 Pittsburgh Steelers

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Overview: With a 12-4 record through the regular season, the Steelers ran through the playoffs, and all the way to a Super Bowl victory. Despite various injuries to QB Ben Roethlisberger, RBs Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker, and WR Hines Ward, Pittsburgh went all the way for the second time in the past five years.

Offseason Moves: The Steelers didn’t have many moves to make, especially coming off a Super Bowl winning season. In the draft, Pittsburgh selected Missouri DE Ziggy Hood in the first round. Through free agency, the Steelers signed WR Shaun McDonald, and CB Keiwan Ratliff. Although, Pittsburgh did lose CB Bryant McFadden, and G Kendall Simmons to free agency.

Upcoming Season: Nothing much should change for the Steelers. The pieces are still all the same. QB Ben Roethlisberger will be consistent throwing the ball to WRs Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes. RB Willie Parker should rebound from a couple of injuries, and carry the load for Pittsburgh. The Steeler’s defense is still one of the best in the NFL, and is led by S Troy Polamalu.

Rashard MendenhallPlayer to watch: RB Rashard Mendenhall is coming off a rookie season in which he only played in four games due to injury. There were high expectations for the former Illinois running back, and Mendenhall should be ready to help RB Willie Parker out in the backfield. Look for Mendenhall to be a threat as a receiver out of the backfield all season for Pittsburgh.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st in AFC North

The Steelers are one of the best, if not the best, teams in football. Not to mention, they get to beat up on Cleveland and Cincinnati twice a year. Look for Pittsburgh to prove that they are still the class of the AFC.

NFL Season Preview: #4 Philadelphia Eagles

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Overview: The Eagles had a crazy ’08 season, that included a 9-6 record, and a tie. That tie, that everyone was criticizing Philadelphia for at the time, is what got the Eagles into the playoffs. Philadelphia took care of the Vikings and Giants respectively, before falling to the Cardinals in the NFC Championship game.

Offseason Moves: The Eagles made a variety of moves during the off season. They let go longtime fan favorite S Brian Dawkins, and Ts Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan. To replace these players, the Eagles signed T Stacy Andrews and S Sean Jones, and traded for former Buffalo T Jason Peters. Philadelphia also added more weapons via the draft, taking Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin in the first round and Pittsburgh RB LeSean McCoy in the second. The team also added FB Leonard Weaver, DE Jason Babin, and CB Ellis Hobbs. The Eagles also signed QB Donovan McNabb to a contract extension, although this wasn’t the biggest quarter back move of the off season. Two weeks into the preseason, Philadelphia signed QB Michael Vick to give them more big play ability, and athleticism in the offense. The Eagles moves may not even be done, because there are many rumors that the team could bring back T Jon Runyan.

Upcoming Season: When the dust settled after a busy off season, the Eagles look to have the best offense in the NFL. QB Donovan McNabb now has plenty of weapons in WRs DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Kevin Curtis. The running game now has two strong running backs in Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy. Of course, nobody knows just how QB Michael Vick will be used in the offense, but it just gives the team one more weapon. The offensive line is also solid, providing an opportunity for big plays. On defense, Philadelphia experienced a tragic loss when defensive coordinator Jim Johnson passed away a couple of months ago. New coordinator, Sean McDermott, learned under Johnson so the change isn’t expected to be to big. McDermott has a solid defensive line, that is led by DE Trent Cole. The linebackers may prove to be the weak spot for the Eagles, where LB Stewart Bradley went down with an ACL injury early in the preseason. The secondary is solid, but has a big hole that S Brian Dawkins left. Look for S Quintin Mikell to do his best to fill it.

DeSean JacksonPlayer to watch: The farthest this core of Eagles players has gone is to the Super Bowl. That year, they had a legitimate No. 1 receiver in Terrell Owens. Now, all reports out of Eagles’ camp is that WR DeSean Jackson is looking even better than he did last season, providing QB Donovan McNabb with a big target and deep threat. Look for Jackson to step up and be the No. 1 guy for the Birds this season.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st in NFC East

It’s obvious to me that the Eagles are the class of this division, if not the NFC. With such a high powered offensive, Philadelphia could put up record numbers. Not to mention a defense that will be playing inspired football all season long.